Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A = 180.2

Today, Simon decided to set a goal for himself - he wants to lose weight. He is starting at point A (180.2 lbs) and is progressing toward point B (170 lbs) I will update this blog for him - I think it will be a fun way to document what he does and how he progresses...

Today, Simon ran on the treadmill, using his Nike+ for the first time, for 30 minutes (4.13km)
His HRM says his Maximum HR was 105% and his average was 85%. That's pretty high, but nothing that can't be helped by some more training. His legs were a little shake-y as he went upstairs to have a shower, but other than that - everything went very well.
Possible plan for tomorrow night - play EA Active with MH.

Today for dinner, Simon enjoyed some leftover tuna dogs. He also had a few chips (Smokey Bacon) and a few cut up red peppers... He drank some coke. He went to sleep at around 11h30.

His cat Karl is sneezy these days, but Simon will take him (as well as Bibitte) to the vet for a check up and for some shots...

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