Wednesday, July 22, 2009

176.4 lbs - Making progress...

Simon has continued to exercise and eat well and the scale has been showing it. Last Tuesday, it showed that Simon weighed 176.4 lbs, pretty good!

Simon has injured his foot, then his ankle, then his calf while playing soccer on different occasions. Working out has been 'hit and miss' but that didn't stop Simon from keeping going with his healthy ways. He is looking forward to being able to run again though, and entertaining his Nike+ mini :)

His writer has been busy with other tasks which is why you haven't heard of Simon for some time. His writer will try to come back more often to keep you up to date with Simon's progress :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

179.6lbs - In the right direction...

It was Simon's official weigh in day today and his scale gave him good news. His diet and fitness efforts paid off, he lost 0.6lbs this week!

On the weekend, he went to the Samosa Sweet Factory to pack up on some samosas. He discovered recently that samosas were the perfect lunch to bring to work - easy to carry in a ziplock container, no need to heat up and most importantly, yummy. So he has been having a samosa for lunch every day this week so far.

For dinner today, he had a chicken and cheese wrap, a few asparagus spears, and a samosa.

This evening, Simon did his planned Tuesday workout - he ran on the treadmill. On his Nike+ report we can read 5.14km total distance, 34:12 minutes, 6'38'' per kilometer and 440 calories burned. He should be especially pleased with himself because it is within the range he set for his goals on the website, and also, the room was incredibly warm and humid - very uncomfortable.

He took his cats Karl and Bibitte to the vet last Friday. Karl was already doing much better, his check up and vaccination went very well, except for the fact that he was grumpy. He was grumpy mostly because Bibitte was nervous and jumping all around. Bibitte on the other hand didn't get very good news. She has an abcessed tooth. According to the vet, she needs surgery to remove it, or else she may emd up losing all her teeth. They all came home afterwards with no problem. The next day, Bibitte had caught Karl's cold...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hump Day...

Today was a long day at work - so when he finally got home, Simon was not in the mood for a complicated dinner. He decided to have a few snacks instead: corn chips with salsa and guacamole, leftover strawberry and rhubarb pie, and a few mini coconut donuts... He drank some Coke (his favorite beverage) and also ended up munching on a few smokey bacon chips.

At this moment, Simon remembers and shares that for lunch, he had a meat pie from the cafeteria at work, and he drank some water.

After dinner he enjoyed playing Sims 3 and relaxing...

His cat Karl seems to feel a little better today which is good - that means he'll only end up going to the vet for a routine set of shots...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A = 180.2

Today, Simon decided to set a goal for himself - he wants to lose weight. He is starting at point A (180.2 lbs) and is progressing toward point B (170 lbs) I will update this blog for him - I think it will be a fun way to document what he does and how he progresses...

Today, Simon ran on the treadmill, using his Nike+ for the first time, for 30 minutes (4.13km)
His HRM says his Maximum HR was 105% and his average was 85%. That's pretty high, but nothing that can't be helped by some more training. His legs were a little shake-y as he went upstairs to have a shower, but other than that - everything went very well.
Possible plan for tomorrow night - play EA Active with MH.

Today for dinner, Simon enjoyed some leftover tuna dogs. He also had a few chips (Smokey Bacon) and a few cut up red peppers... He drank some coke. He went to sleep at around 11h30.

His cat Karl is sneezy these days, but Simon will take him (as well as Bibitte) to the vet for a check up and for some shots...